We're serious about coffee, but not much else. Get to know the management team (right).

Come in and meet the rest of the crew! You'd be hard pressed to find a team as friendly, helpful, caring, and all-around wonderful as ours. We are so very lucky to work alongside such fine folks. 

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Molly enjoys living in Portland especially when the days start to get longer and there is more time for gardening! Her favorite things to grow are kale, strawberries, raspberries and garlic because they won't die even if you forget about them for months on end. If she could have one super power it would be the ability to fly. If that choice was not available for some reason and all the good super powers had already been picked over, she would settle for the ability to switch outfits instantly without clothes piling up all over the floor (like Sabrina the Teenage Witch). She loves hiking, drawing, dance parties, and 8oz lattes.






Claire Teasdale, a Portland native, first began working in coffee during her college years in Eugene. She is the proud human companion of a large, overly-spoiled Sheepadoodle. Together they enjoy frolicking in the sunshine, romping through the mud, stomping in the rain, and trudging through the snow. Sand has a place in their hearts, too. The best trips are those that require each to don their packs and sleep under the stars. Claire is a fan of the tiny house movement and enjoys projects related to, and preparing for, her own build. She is a creature of simple habits, her favorite drink is an Americano: double shot 8oz with a touch of room for cream. Sometimes, on the fancy days, she goes for a breve macchiato or a drip coffee. Her pup’s favorite thing about Rain OR Shine is the proximity to the Mt. Tabor off leash area.



From left to right: Trek, Claire




Officially knocking Misty up to seasoned veteran status, Mary is now the newest member of the Rain OR Shine team.  A transplant from Colorado (but completely worthy, I promise), the endless pizza, pinball and gloomy pajama days are are few things keeping Mary bound to Portland.  A passion for food took hold in her teens and she’s been on a drive to satiate the masses ever since. Apart from her husband, son and Chico (aka Sir cheeks-a-lot the fat cat), Mary thrives on small community connections and playing games (card games, board games, adventure games, games in the park, games in a car or on a plane, games everywhere).  When she isn’t cooking for someone she’s sipping a 16oz nonfat latte with a crossword puzzle at hand. If there was something she could do every day it would be zip lining or putting a jigsaw puzzle together - whichever is more convenient.





Misty is no longer the newest manager to come on board the Rain OR Shine team. A Portland native at heart, she was born and raised in San Diego, but came to Portland for her love of the overcast weather, greenery, and coffee culture. Don’t judge... she’s a keeper. Her obsession and passion for coffee started in high school and over ten years later, she loves it more than ever. After getting a degree in Advanced Pastry, and spending time making specialty candy this zombie maven is back dedicating her profession to this industry. Rounding off the management team, Misty reaches out with our social media, spreading the joy beyond our local neighborhood. When Misty's not drinking her iced always-dairy-free Cardamom latte or cold brew, whether it’s snowing outside or not, she’s likely to be found goofing off with her two boys and pup, Chappie. Yes, as in the cinematic talking robot, Chappie! She’s a nerd at heart, major movie aficionado, loves comics, and french fries. Misty may or may not have also wanted to be a ninja turtle when she grew up, specifically Michelangelo.

T-U-R-T-L-E Power!