What's brewing at Rain OR Shine?

Portland Roasting Coffee


Endless Summer Blend 

Country of origin; region - 65% organic Ethiopia, and 35% natural Costa Rica. 

Farms/producers - Tsebel in Ethiopia, Don Claudio in Costa Rica

Processing - Ethiopia: washed process. Costa Rica: nutural sun dried

Varietals - Ethiopia: mix of heirloom varieties

Tasting Notes - Bright raspberry, apricots, and sweet tangerine acidity


This is the second year that Portland Roasting has done an “Endless Summer” blend. This blend of a washed coffee from Ethiopia and natural-processed coffee from Costa Rica. This coffee is amazing as a filter brew, and it shines as an espresso. But it was formulated to shine in the flash brood over ice method.

Trailhead Coffee Roasters


Mt. Tabor Blend
Country of origin - Peru (50%), Colombia (50%)
Farmer/producer/co-operative - The Peru is a FTO Cafe Feminino coffee. The Colombia is also grown by women farmers, though they are not part of Cafe Feminino.
Processing - both coffees are washed processed
Varietal - Typica (Peru), caturra (Colombia)
Tasting Notes - Smoky, sweet, nutty

This is our signature blend! Molly and Claire approached Trailhead asking for something a little darker than their normal offering because many in the neighborhood were requesting it. After some taste testing they settled in the Mt. Tabor Blend. The stamp is designed just for us and the blend has stayed a staple of ours throughout the years. It is a post roast blend, meaning the two coffees are roasted independently and then mixed together. The Peru is taken to a French roast, while the Colombia is kept at a medium roast level to blend some sweetness with the smokiness of the darker beans. (http://www.optco.com/cafe_femenino.htm)


St. John's by Portland Roasting. A delicate profile with berrylike acidity, caramel and toffee nut character, and smooth crema. 


Espresso Decaf

Portland Roasting Swiss Water Processed Tilikum Crossing decaf is 99.9% free of caffeine without the use of chemicals. Creamy body with white grape acidity and a bittersweet finish.