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Rain OR Shine Coffee House opened in 2011, but our story begins a few years earlier with the start of a friendship between two students at the University of Oregon.


Claire Teasdale and Molly Boyl, both born and raised in Portland, first met one another in a Wilderness First Responder course at the U of O. The friendship that followed was one founded upon a mutual love of adventure. Together they embarked on escapades both planned and spontaneous. With every new challenge, they found more and more that they made a great team. No matter the scenario, they knew they could always rely on one another.

When the opportunity to open a coffee shop in the South Tabor Neighborhood arose in the Spring of 2011, Claire and Molly felt their friendship was sturdy enough to hold up to the challenge of their becoming business partners. Though neither had studied business in school, they knew they needed to develop a business plan or at the very least establish some ground rules for operating a business together. In the interest of saving time and getting on with the important things (like research... i.e. coffee shop hopping!) they kept it simple and promised each other they would split the workload 50:50 and always put their friendship first.


With that settled, the two got to work brainstorming, researching, and gathering the building blocks for what would become Rain OR Shine Coffee House. They had fun delving into coffee culture and searching for local food vendors, but they were committed to making their coffee shop about more than what was on the menu. They wanted to create a place where everyone would feel welcome and at home - the kind of place where people would bump into friends and neighbors, make new acquaintances, and forge the relationships that make a community strong and vibrant.

Thanks in large part to the invaluable advice and generous efforts of family and friends, Rain OR Shine Coffee House opened its doors on schedule on June 3, 2011. Claire and Molly had hoped that they would be responsible for creating a space that cultivated relationships on the local level. Instead, Rain OR Shine has become the welcoming, cheerful, cozy place that it is due to the constant support and influence of an exceptionally kind and devoted community.


Moment by moment, interaction by tiny interaction, one cup of coffee at a time, Rain OR Shine has grown into the place its founders always hoped it would be: a place where neighbors bump into each other, where friends reconnect, where writers write and knitters knit and clubs meet up, where customers joke with their baristas and baristas know the their customers (and their dogs) by name.


We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Taborhood and we can’t wait to keep on growing with the community for years to come. Thank you to all of our patrons and supporters for making this place great!

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