Rain OR Shine Coffee House is a bright and cozy space at the foot of Mt. Tabor where you'll find excellent coffee and espresso, great eats for every appetite and preference, and the friendliest staff you're likely to meet anywhere.


For your convenience we offer free WiFi and accessible power outlets. We also have a parking lot, nearby street parking, bicycle parking, and handy pet tethers for your furry friends. All menu items are available until 4 pm (for here or to go) and we offer catering options as well.


Whether Rain OR Shine is your neighborhood coffee shop or a stop on your way, we want to make you feel at home. Come visit us anytime!




Mon-Fri: 6am-5pm

Sat-Sun: 7am-5pm

Whats Brewing Now

Trailhead Coffee Roasters

Mt. Tabor Blend
Country of origin - Peru (50%), Colombia (50%)

- The Peru is a FTO Cafe Feminino coffee. The Colombia is also grown by women farmers, though they are not part of Cafe Feminino.
Processing - both coffees are washed processed
Varietal - Typica (Peru), caturra (Colombia)
Tasting Notes - Smoky, sweet, nutty

Portland roasting coffee

 Endless Summer Blend 

Country of origin; region - 65% organic Ethiopia, and 35% natural Costa Rica. 

Farms/producers - Tsebel in Ethiopia, Don Claudio in Costa Rica

Processing - Ethiopia: washed process. Costa Rica: nutural sun dried

Varietals - Ethiopia: mix of heirloom varieties

Tasting Notes - Bright raspberry, apricots, and sweet tangerine acidity