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Our last day OPEN WAS Sunday, Aug. 23


thank you for

9 wonderful years!


An All-Inclusive and Welcoming Space to
Eat, Drink, and Gather

Breakfast Bagels
Coffee Time

eat. drink. gather.


Our Coffee House

When the opportunity to open a coffee shop in the South Tabor Neighborhood arose in the Spring of 2011, Claire and Molly felt their friendship was sturdy enough to hold up to the challenge of their becoming business partners. Though neither had studied business in school, they knew they needed to develop a business plan or at the very least establish some ground rules for operating a business together. In the interest of saving time and getting on with the important things (like research... i.e. coffee shop hopping!) they kept it simple and promised each other they would split the workload 50:50 and always put their friendship first.



Mocha - because there's never a day that doesn't need a mocha - featuring Ranger Chocolate

Iced Electric Chai - My Chai, cold brew, milk

Big Hibiscus Iced Tea - a perfect pairing for a walk in the park

Jump Start Your Day with a Cold Brew


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